Mao's Last Dancer (Review)

I just saw the movie Mao's Last Dancer. As my readers probably know, I love horror movies and kungfu movies, and scifi-action type stuff. I love the types of movies which give me that male hormone rush! Which is probably why I hate drama and romantic comedy, you know, chick flicks. My half-wife and I now joke that watching chick flicks is a form of estrogen therapy. But whatever, sometimes I give in to my weaker side.

Mao's Last Dancer gets an A grade for acting, and an A for the storyline. I spent about two years training ballet very seriously, but going to the ballet is not usually my thing; ballet is usually so focused on stimulating female hormones what am I going to do? But this movie is a true story about a great male dancer and the guy who plays him (Chi Cho) is a great dancer too. You get to see the best parts, the male parts, of classics like Swan Lake and Rite of Spring. Lots of great dancing and great choreography. So it gets an A for dance too.

The politics aren't perfect, I give it a B+, but for a non-horror movie that's high praise. I love when his mom tells the party officials to f--- off. Politically it feels honest.
Taijiquan practitioners will love the hard-ass but caring dance masters. What do they demand of their students? "Fa song" (relax!).

Alright, whatever, I cried. I sobbed. I simpered. I'm a confident macho man with a sleek hairy one pack (not a six pack), but if you have any doubts about your manhood, avoid this great movie. (Perhaps you should rent 300 instead.)