George Xu Speaking at the UN

George Xu has put out his schedule of workshops for the year, check it out.

He is also teaching at the Open Center in New York in May.

And he is going to be at the United Nations while he is in New York being interviewed by Feng Shui GEO Steven Post.  Steven (who is also a long time student of George's and set up the NY events) tells me this is part of the process of getting Chinese Internal Martial Arts some kind of "Living Treasure," "World Heritage" type of designation.

Here is a recent quote from George:  "You have to make what is imaginary real, and what is real imaginary."  Normally that sort of quote causes me to roll my eyes.  It sounds ridiculus.  But this time he said it in a context that made perfect sense to me.  (We were trading upper-cuts.)  When a person is truly relaxed and "quiet," the only thing which can cause the body to move is what we normally call "imagination."  Normally motivated movement will create tension or resistance in the body and will disturb the experience of "quiet."  Likewise, movement devoid of normal muscle sensory activity, will be perceived as imaginary.  It is as simple as that.

Please share your ironic thoughts.