Dress Like a Master

I'm really getting into fashion lately.  I'm particularly interested in things with rough texture.

First off, I've been wearing Swedish Military Issue undershirts.  They are crazy, tight, and made out of a net like heavy twine designed to create maximum dead air space.

For a while now I've been wearing Feiyue shoes (I wrote about them, I'm certain but I can't find the post, could it really be lost? Quick history: Made first in France, copied by Communist Party, bought by Tiger Claw, USA).  They are flat so that I can feel the ground, they are dirt cheap ($14 a pair), and light weight.  I don't worry about wearing out the bottoms the way I would on expensive shoes, and I keep four pairs in rotation.  They also look good.  The problem is that they don't absorb moisture well, so my feet tend to get wet on the bottom.  That's a real problem when it gets cold.  In addition, during an hour of standing meditation on a cold morning at 5:30 AM, even my feet start to freeze.  Ice man I am not.  But I've solved both problems.  I ordered wool inserts for my Feiyues.  Warm and fuzzy, good grip and not squishy.

Finally I bought this thick, rough, heavy cotton shirt from St. James.