I've been busy.  You can look forward to a video called Playground Taijiquan in the next week.  I wish I could say the look of the blog is now stable, but it will probably keep changing a bit.  That button on the right will lead to my brand new site with video and pictures and new content with in a day or so...knock on wood.

Also expect to get a FAQ page in the next week or so.  Any suggestions for that will be warmly welcomed.  My idea is to use it to make the site more search-able (523 posts, oy vey!).  The new search seems like an improvement.  Also on the sidebar I put the Donaton Button back up for those of you who asked for it, also I went with a "tag cloud"  because it is so random...kind of like spin the blog...where it stops nobody knows.

I also have some new theorys from George Xu in the works.

Also, just a thought..., since I'm creating one of those hopefully not too tacky "what our fans are saying" pages on my website for classes, if you consider yourself a fan (in the broadest sense of the word which could even include adversary) feel free to write me a line or too of cosmic praise.  If your goal is to embarrass me than go ahead and put it in the comments section, otherwise send me an email:   scophillips "at"