How important is Alignment?

I think it was blogger Tabby Cat who used the term "Alignment Gulag" to describe people who are obsessed with perfecting alignment.  I'm not sure where his blog is now but the last blog post I read by him he had a whimsical list of examples of reasons people never get good at internal martial arts.  In every case it came down to some excuse for being something less than completely relaxed.

I have to admit that there was a stage in my teaching where I was alignment focused.  Students' really appreciated the alignment corrections but in the long run I don't think alignment corrections do a lot for martial development.  So I guess I've returned from Siberia.

Here are some alignment precepts I've come up with:

  1. Move Spontaneously.

  2. Move with conservation and efficiency.

  3. Move without affect, narcissism, self-consciousness, or pretense.