Tea and Sex

I’m really embarrassed that I have come to Taiwan and I just haven’t gotten into tea that much. People who knew me 10 years ago knew me as among other things, a tea fanatic. I find that many people drink tea when they go to the mountains or the country side. Otherwise they drink coffee. I’m really digging the flavor of Ikari blend coffee. It is like a single shot Americano which keeps its foam (coffee creme) on top for as long as it takes me to drink it slowly; not bitter, not sour, not grainy, not burnt, not too strong, not acidic. The machine puts it out the same every time, and the tall skinny kid behind the counter has a squeaky voice that makes me laugh every time I hear it.

It’s pouring rain.

A lot of old women here have kinky hair.

Condoms are the easiest thing to grab in the entire supermarket. They are right at the cash register. Love hotels are everywhere. A love hotel is a place for couples to have sex away from their families, they charge by the hour. These hotels allow you to pay with little or no contact with the staff. However, they are flexible. You can also pay for just the night, which is 6 hours, or stay there like you would at a regular hotel. I’ve been told this is often a good way to get a deal. However, I’ve found that almost every place I’ve stayed was willing to lower the price when I asked for a discount. I suspect that doesn’t work during lantern festival or dragon boat festival when the hotels are packed.

Men and women show a lot of affection to each other in public, but I suspect it’s only certain kinds of people and I just can’t tell the difference. Sex is simply not talked about. While the PRC is having a tantrum about all the kids who would rather look at porn than get stuck in a government job; Taiwan is showing its independence by making Prostitution legal.