Success is 99% Failure

Success is 99% Failure.

This quote by the intrepid founder of Honda Motor Company, Soichiro Honda, is also true of martial arts.  For each thing I've gotten right over the years, there are 99 others I've gotten wrong.  Progress appears to be made by accumulating successes; however, when you finally get something right you realized how simple, clear and straight forward it is.  That means all your previous attempts were actually failures.

Lately, my power has been increasing dramatically.  I gave up being interested in power a long time ago, so there is great irony here.  From where I'm sitting now, it is crystal clear to me why my power was so constrained in the past, and it's just as clear to me why other peoples' power is constrained.  Everything short of correct is simply wrong, 99% of what people call martial arts is failure.

99% of the cosmos is yin, only 1% is yang.  The earth, tiny spec of a spec that we are, actually has about 92% yin and 8% yang.  That's why life can exist here, for the moment.  That's what we call balanced!