Michael Phelps Un-Offical USA Coffee Maker

Michael Phelps Coffee Bong

Michael Phelps Coffee Bong

When I started this blog I didn't drink coffee.  Coffee is bad for you, it makes you jittery, and causes stomach pain.  They say that green tea goes into the spleen (calming) meridian while coffee goes into the heart (spastic) meridian.

Well, I'm over it.  Taking drugs requires discipline.  Lots of discipline.  One cup of low acid coffee is actually good for you.  Two cups, probably not so good.

It is obviously an appetite suppressant, which is good for many people.  It certainly is more responsible for the invention of the Internet than Al Gore ever was.  Drinking more coffee will help boost the economy.  In small quantities it improves digestion, is good for breathing and helps with some allergies.  According to Chinese medical theory we need to get a balance of all five flavors.   Needless to say, Americans have too much sweet in their diets and not enough bitter. 

So drink your coffee black


All this is just a prelude to me telling you about my new toy. 

It's call an Aero Press

and it is made by a Frisbee company called Aerobie. 

It makes the best coffee.

It combines all the good qualities of both espresso makers and french presses.  And it's lighting fast.  Since I also have one of those Japanese hot water dispensers, a great cup of coffee is only 20 seconds away.

My theory is that these guys were sitting around their Frisbee company one day and they found someones penis enlarger.  You know what I'm talking about.  One of those things that everyone seems to


don't really work.  Anyway, no one would claim it so they decided to try and make coffee with it.  Presto, the Coffee Bong was invented.

I love my Aero Press.  Price: Under $30.

Here is more on portable coffee makers!