Marketing Without Advertising

Well, Amazon is getting better, I think.  They recommended I read my father's book.  Since I've already read it, I think I'll recommend it to you.

Marketing Without Advertising, by Michael Phillips is a must read for small business people and even people running one-person businesses.  If you are a self-employed teacher of the movement arts, reading this book will help you think through exactly what you need to do to market yourself effectively.

My father was the first Business Guru, and he was also the leader of what someone looking back might call the "Business Hippies."  He started the first Business Network which was called the Briarpatch.

As someone who thinks evolution is cool, I'm also enjoying the recesive economy.  (The ramen store around the corner just dropped its prices, and a new Japanese Curry place opened up next to the burrito shop.)  My readers might just enjoy my father's eternal, The Seven Laws of Money, now published in more languages than I can count;  Or Honest Business.