Tibetan Medicine

I just got an  email about a Tibetan Medicine program in Berkeley which is part of the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine.  I thought my readers would want to know about it.  If you check out their site you'll see that there are classes in cities all over the world.
This is the first course of a four year comprehensive Tibetan medical training offered internationally by the IATTM. The course is based on the Four Tantras, the root text of Tibetan Medicine, covering one Tantra per year, systematically building the foundations and practical applications of Tibetan Medicine. The first years’ course covers the Root Tantra- the first of the Four Tantras. The material is organized into different trees- as depicted in the Medical Thankas; which are a visual way to remember and hold the medical system in the mind.

Topics covered in the first course include:

Introduction: an overview of the vast and profound tradition of Tibetan Medical tradition, its philosophies and basic principles.

Brief History: an introduction to some of the great masters- realized yogis, siddhas, and doctors who revealed this tradition, as well as some fundamental texts and developments from ancient Bonpo shamanic medicine to modern clinical practice.

Fundamental Principles: a study of the healthy body from the perspective of ancient Buddhist medicine. This will cover the five elements, anatomy and physiology including channels, chakras, organs, etc.

While this class provides the foundational training of the IATTM Tibetan medical program, which offers the skills to actually practice Tibetan Medicine, this first class is open to all, and useful to anyone who wants to understand more about their bodies and internal energies.