Cat Riding a Roomba

Many people try standing meditation and find that it hurts their muscles, especially when practiced for long stretches of time (like 1 hour), and especially when done in the lower stances like horse.  This is because they haven't been able to differentiate active function of passive function.  The muscles of the legs must be completely "quiet," in the sense that there is no holding or grabbing.  Once that is established and differentiated from active use of the muscles, it becomes possible to gain support from what might be called qi, but which I prefer to call in this case "whole body breathing."

Practiced everyday, this experience becomes "irreversible," meaning we do it automatically when we roll out of bed in the morning.  It is totally natural.  It is a blog for another day why humans need to learn it, but as you cans see, this cat is a master of the technique.

I especially love this video because every cat I've ever known was absolutely terrified of vacuum cleaners.