Su Dongchen and Luo Dexiu

Su Dongchen and Luo Dexiu are gongfu brothers from Taiwan.  They both teach Gao style Baguazhang, 5 Element Xingyi and some Taijiquan.  I've taken workshops with Luo and he is great.  I've seen a lot of video of Su Dongchen (someone gave me 4 hours worth a few years ago) but I've never met him.  Because they are both so good, both into fighting, both do the same stuff, and...yet have differences...they are interesting to watch and compare.

While most of these videos are designed to communicate basic stuff, I hope it is obvious that there is no way anyone can get this good without lots of spontaneity and experimentation.

Essence of Evolution is Su Dongchen's site.

Watch his videos here.

Some of Luo Dexiu's videos are here.

This is his site in English, in Chinese. Enjoy.