Journal of Daoist Studies

Journal of Daoist StudiesThere is a new publication coming out in June called the Journal of Daoist Studies, it looks really good, and I'm really excited, and that's not just because my 17 page essay is in the first edition!

The editorial board is a list of very respectable Daoist Scholars:
Shawn Arthur, Stephan-Peter Bumbacher, Yi Hsiang Chang, Shinyi Chao, Chen Xia, Donald Davis, Catherine Despeux, Jeffrey Dippmann, Ute Engelhardt, Stephen Eskildsen, Norman Girardot, Jonathan Herman, Adeline Herrou, Jiang Sheng, Paul Katz, Sung-Hae Kim, Russell Kirkland, Louis Komjathy, Liu Xun, Lu Xichen, Victor Mair, Mei Li, James Miller, David Palmer, Fabrizio Pregadio, Michael Puett, Robert Santee, Elijah Siegler, Julius Tsai, Robin Wang, Michael Winn, Yang Lizhi, Zhang Guangbao

As it happens, and as I'm told happens to writers all the time, they are not using my title. I'm so spoiled by the independence of blogging. My title (which I submitted late, after the first edit) was a hip reference to the 3rd century Daoist alchemist Ge Hong's writings: "To Live as Long as Heaven and Earth, or Not." Pretty catchy huh?

The title I ended up with is, "Portrait of an American Daoist." That's Life! Order your subscription today!