Sichuan Earth Quake

sanxingduiI wish to extend my deepest sympathies to the victims of the Earthquake in China.  I lived and traveled around Sichuan for two months in the Summer of 2001.  The people I met were wonderful.  Compared to the loss of life I'm reading about everyday, the two reports below are minor, but I thought my readers would like to know.
I visited Sanxingdui when I was there, I just saw this brief report:
Sanxingdui Ruins Museum, the age-old heritage site, became one of the victims of the Monday earthquake in western China.

I also received this email from a local Chinese herb importer, Emmanuel Segmen:
It's worse than we had imagined. If you follow the map north to Ganus
Province near to the Ming Xiang Mountain village where our dang gui
root comes from, you'll find the highways in ruins and the
communications lines down. I don't know how far that is, but it's at
least several hundred miles to the north by northeast from the
epicenter. We can't get our container of herbs down any road. The
agronomist in Gansu can not communicate with us. The people in
Lanzhou City think that maybe the roads will be passable by fall, but
no one is sure. Amazingly the land is crunched up quite badly up to
about 5 miles away from Lanzhou City. Good luck and good essence to
those living in Lanzhou. Amazing that infrastructure is wrecked 300
miles from the epicenter.

There are a lot of main growing sites that are out of touch right now
and possibly out of commission. Dang gui, gou qi zi, huang qi, huang
lian, tian qi and dang shen just to name the most obvious. We had to
go to those very mountains in western Sichuan Province to find clean
haung lian. It may be a long time before we see that herb again in
it's better format. It takes seven years to grow it.

My thoughts are with you Sichuan.