An Unwelcome Symbol

I was just about to write another post when I thought I'd look back and see if I'd said anything simular before.  I noticed on a lot of my old post that this symbol is scattered all over the text:


What a pain in the Â!!

How does one even search for a way to solve these problems?  Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one that has to deal with this stuff?  Well, that funny hat on the "a" is called a circumflex.  From doing searches for wordpress and circumflex I determined, dudes, that it is like a deep code problem.  Perhaps the symbol shows up every time I hit the save button.  Whatever, it wasn't like that before I did an upgrade.  There seems to be no shortage of things out there designed specifically to increase hair loss.

Do me a favor, look at some of my old posts (anything before October) and tell me if you would still read them even though they have that crazy symbol all over the place.  I've lost all sense of judgment.  Does it need to be fixed or can I pretend it didn't happen?  Should I just go live in a cave or is there hope for this world?

UPDATE:  It only effects posts from June to Oct 2008.  Still it sucks.