New Blogs (to me anyway)

First I want to plug Sgt. Rory Miller's blog.  It's the perfect thing to read when your sitting shyly in your nightie cooling down after a few hours at the dojo.

Second, I want to draw your attention to Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.  We should probably put him on the altar as the deity of Martial Arts Marketing.  He has published more books and DVD's than anyone.  His club includes fifty schools.

He is also someone who really cares about preserving the arts and has done a good job of explaining them to non-Chinese.

Now he has started a school in Northern California in the mountains at his retreat center near the town of Eureka.  He accepted 5 students into a 10 year Chinese Martial Arts program.  All day everyday for nine months out of the year for ten years these lucky students will be practicing gongfu.  (Here is the Curriculum) Next year he will accept 5 more students.

The students are expected to learn his marketing skills too!!!  He has them making DVD's and writing articles for Kungfu Magazine.  I know because all five of them have blogs!

I was looking for this sort of thing for myself 20+ years ago.  Because it didn't exist, I created a curriculum with about the same number of hours for myself.  The slow economy at that time actually made this easier.  I paid $215 a month to live in a tiny room in San Francisco with a lot of house-mates who shared the cost of food and supplies (much of which we acquired by hook or by crook).  I had very few expenses: Bicycle maintenance, martial arts lessons, and shoes.  Entertainment was free because I had agreements with every performing arts center in San Francisco, I could get in free for doing whatever last minute work they needed done.  I went on a ten year Hollywood movie fast, so I didn't see movies.  The little money I needed I earned teaching sailing during the Summers.

If you want this kind of intensive training, and you are not one of the 5 picked by Dr. Yang, it is still possible to create your own school--if you have the drive.