I've started a new anti-practice.  Often times practice is not enough to transform our bodies, we actually have to stop doing something.  In this case, I'm trying to achieve George Xu's elusive, "shoulders like soybean milk."  I decided that leaning on my elbows creates tension which I release when I practice, but if I go and lean on my elbows again after practice the tension comes back.  The habit is pervasive but breakable.  I've identified 4 situations in which I have committed to changing my behavior.

  1. When I'm sitting in a chair with arms.

  2. When I'm on the commode.

  3. When I'm reading while laying down on my side.

  4. When I'm sitting at a table.

There is a 5th situation which is potentially problematic, sleeping on my side.  When I sleep on my side my shoulders pop around in their sockets.  If I succeed in changing  the basic 4, I may be faced with the more difficult task of changing my sleeping habits.  I've been working on this anti-practice for about a month now, and the preliminary results are promising.