The Funny Cat

There is a funny post over at Tabby Cat (hat tip to Chris).

He seems to have not noticed that I am the greatest martial arts blogger ever, perhaps he just forgot. But then he goes too far. He disrespects the Daodejing.

MIGHT is defined as machines guns and so on. So I know perfectly well that the spirit expressed in the Dao De Jing below is total nonsense:

Nothing in the world is softer than water,

Yet nothing is better at overcoming the hard and strong.

This is because nothing can alter it.

That the soft overcomes the hard

And the gentle overcomes the aggressive

Is something that everybody knows

But none can do themselves.

Yet... yet... yet. I can't help myself. That's my only real interest in martial arts.

He is quoting half of chapter 78, which threw me off for a second because it reads like a bad translation of chapter 43:
The most yielding thing in the world

Can overcome the most resistant thing in the world.

That which has no form can enter

Where there is no space.

This is how I know the Dao of wuwei.

The teaching with no words

And the Dao of wuwei

Are beyond common understanding.

I'm here to say I've met the most yielding thing in the world, and she is hot. As for chapter 78 above, here is a comment from Li Hung-Fu (10th century) that I think sums it up:

"The soft and the weak do not expect to overcome the hard and the strong. They simply do."

(Translation by Red Pine).

And by the way, while it is true that "might makes right;" it is also true that machine guns confronted with water tend to rust.