I'm hooked on stick-on moxa!  These little sticky hexagrams with a tiny cylinder of moxa attached are so easy to use.  I've always loved moxa but I never liked to do it in my own home because of all the smoke.  So sometimes I did it outside on the front or back steps, but that's no fun when it's cold or windy (most days in San Francisco).

These little guys don't give off much smoke, and the quality of the moxa is high so the smell is good.  I can burn 6 of them and the smell is pretty much gone in an hour.

Some of the websites that sell it want you to be an acupuncture student, but I think this one lets you buy them as a massage aid.  It's a great way to learn the acupuncture points too. ($12 for 100).

Update: My half-wife Sarah said I should link to the list of contraindications for moxa.  If you don't know what you're doing find someone who does to help you.  Moxa is a wonderful aid for healthy people training martial arts.