Thanks to everyone who has left a comment. I don't check my spam filter very often, I guess I should. I get about 300 spams a week. 6 real comments landed in my spam folder this week. I only thought to check it because "Neijia" said he was blocked when he left a link (which is only supposed to happen if you leave multiple links). (The last line at the very bottom of that link he left was worth the whole article.)

6 real comments out of 300, that's 1 in 50, which might mean that I missed 20+ comments this Summer. Bummer.

Going with hope, instead of experience, I'm planning on a major blog software and website change in the coming weeks. I sometimes think, If only I didn't know what I wanted it would be a lot easier.

Anyway, if you leave a link and it doesn't show up, feel free to try again or to drop me an email... I do check that.