Two Talismanic Questons

I started a new Northern Shaolin teaching gig today, three classes of 1st graders. Yes they are sweet and cute and enthusiastic. That brings my weekly teaching total to 11 kids classes and 9 adult classes. Which leaves me just enough time to write one weakness inspired blog post every day.

I have more to say on yesterday's post but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I have more time to think.

Six months ago I wrote down two questions which I posted on the cork board above my desk. Besides being talismanic, the questions have functioned as a daily mini-mantra check-in.

My practice has seen more positive change in the last six months than it did in the previous two years. I, of course, credit you all, my virtual audience, because writing and exchanging has forced me to re-think and unravel all the metaphors and methods I employ in my practice. So thanks!

But then again, maybe it was those questions. So here they are. And feel free to make them into a talisman or a mantra.
Do you own your legs?

Do you trust your arms?