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I've been writing a bunch of material on Daoism and will likely post it on it's own page in a few weeks.

Also I've been reading Frank Allen's new book, the Whirling Circles of Ba Gua Zhang, published by Blue Snake Press, so I'll be reviewing it soon.

This week I started teaching new Shaolin Classes for 8 and 9 year olds. It is a 25 week residency in a public school and we meet twice a week (4 classes total). Will likely have a performance at the end.

I also gave my Taijiquan students at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine their final exam, and did a demonstration for everyone.Ibex Woolies Shirt

So instead of writing some high fa-luting little ditty, I've decided to tell you about my favorite workout shirt! The Ibex form-fitting wool shirt. They are strong, thin and light weight. They don't get stretched out and they don't shrink. They actually fit me, which is amazing.

They don't smell bad the way synthetics do. They are totally amazing because the fabric breathes so well when I'm sweating and keeps me warm and dry the rest of the time, which is really important in San Francisco fog. I just totally love them. I have two short sleeve and three long sleeve shirts. One of the long sleeves is 17.5 Microns (fabric thickness) and has a zipper, that comes halfway down the front. I wore it everyday on my two weeks of mountain adventures this summer. It took me two years but that one has finally come to the end of it's life.

I can't find the 17.5 on amazon.com but the rest of the shirts are there, and if you buy one by clicking on my links, 15% goes to me! I haven't sold anything at all from my site yet, but it sure would be cool to make enough money to cover my beer expenses.

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