What Demon Possessed me?

Here is an open thread to discuss blog/comment ethics...
If ever I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior; what demon possessed me that I behaved so well?-- Henry David Thoreau.

Kenny at Joanna's website wrote me an email and then posted a blog about it. I thought it was pretty funny and in good taste.

He brings up a good point, which is that if you don't get good at cooking in your thirties, your gongfu is going to suck in your 50's. Also, for you history buffs: The ubiquitous Chinese cooking implement known as the Wok, was originally a shield used by the military as a makeshift cooking pot.

As to sinking low enough to add a tag on the end of a certain person's comments, implying that the said person used a dictionary and found common ground with me. I have no regrets. If you bite, don't complain when the next blow comes in lower than you expected.

Challenges, disagreements, sarcasm, irony, modest rants, and even the occasional dig are all welcome in the comments section of my blog. But if you break "Queens Rules" and switch to "Rough-and-Tumble," that is, if you disregard my arguments and start ridiculing me, expect to have your comments edited to my pleasure.

"As thou soweth, so shall ye reap."

Update:  Now at the bottom of Kenny's blog Joanna has posted a few of the tamer comments she posted here claiming that I'm somehow afraid of her views, whatever.  I hesitate to say it... but (I'm already banned in China), anyone who is a Communist, as she claims to be, is almost certainly a liar too.