Confucianism and Martial Arts

Sweet PerfectionAll of the major categories of Chinese religion have developed the notion of perfecting one’s self, though each in distinctly different ways. While each is a contributor, Confucianism is the obvious and most prominent origin of gongfu as a process of perfection. The Confucian approach is one of consistent vigilance in the refinement of a changing person in a changing world. The idea that one would practice the same routine everyday and thus constantly refine ones skill, while simultaneously adapting and applying that skill to ones ever changing duties, needs and circumstances is a Confucian idea. The result of such a practice would be a combination of embodied discipline, efficiency and flexibility. Confucians assert that Gongfu thus conceived does not need to be rewarded because the process of perfection is intrinsically rewarding.

Are you on a path of self-perfection?  Does this idea translate into English speaking cultures? When I searched Google images for "perfection" I mostly got images of nature, drugs, and technology.