The Black Taoist

BTThe Black Taoist is an internal martial artist (neijia) and teacher of exceptional skill. His website has a fresh rap about feeling the ethos of a martial arts life. Yes, I got it stuck in my head.

I first noticed him online about 8 years ago and got a kick out of his "taoist" style, but he has now put together a collection of video's on youtube that are really excellent. I was instantly inspired by his frank talk and his relaxed spontaneous narration and interview style. For me, he marks an major evolution in the development of martial arts teaching and dialog. Frankly, most martial arts videos are so boring they are unwatchable. Thanks to the Black Taoist everyone is going to have to "step up." (ie. I think he's 6'5")
I am also fascinated by the possibilities of exchanging marital arts videos. Dueling martial arts ideas expressed in a public forum people all over the world can watch. It's only going to get more interesting. All that being said, I did get a little heat going with my own video response to the Black Taoist, and now I've thrown in a few more, and more are on the way.