Taiji means

TaijiFirst of all, since I slept most of the day, here is a repost from September about sleep and training.

Following on yesterday's word meanings, Taiji has a definition people don't often talk about.
Taiji is very close to Dao, at least as far as human experiences go. It is the source of inspiration (of Qi and breath). To practice Taijiquan is to continually return to the source of inspiration. It is the place or state of transition from which inspiration arises and where inspiration goes to die.

As a fighting art, taijiquan is the idea that you take your opponent with you to that place of inspiration.

Does he (your opponent) want to stay in the source of inspiration? (ie. became one with Dao at the moment of death) or does he want to come back with a new inspiration (think: attitude)! Does he want to go to his usual home, or back to his original home?  Let him decide.