Jiajiang Martial Dance Troops

I've been reading about trance and possession in Taiwan and I've been thinking a lot about new ways to explain the religious roots of Chinese martial arts. Real fighting is usually about going into trance. There are many reasons for this, one being that humans are simply in trance a lot of time. (Thus the success of Youtube.)
Another reason is that it changes a persons relationship to pain. (Self-Mortification Video)
Another is that trance can be used to stop you from having second thoughts or changing your mind in the middle of battle.

Trance and possession can be used to instill fear in others, which has all sorts of uses in fighting.

But just getting your opponent to space out for a split second is often enough to run them through. For some reason, perhaps it is the spooky music or the strange distortions-- this video gave me a fright. I don't know what is happening. I've watched a bunch of these and often the movements of the dance and the clothing or head-dresses cause me to space out for a second.