Weakness, Security, and Something I Can't Live Without

Chris at Martial Development asked people to try their hand at self-criticism. But gee, isn't calling my blog Weakness with a Twist enough for you?

I'll admit to this: I'm behind on my blogging schedule because while going through security at the Airport I accidentally traded laptops with a woman from New Jersey. Our laptops looked identical on the outside and I guess the security people were re-viewing things randomly. We got on different planes to different parts of the country. She didn't notice until she was on the plane, and I didn't notice until I got her call six hours later.

The lesson: Put a cool sticker on your laptop.

I'll admit to this too: I have a Japanese style spray toilet. I am not a hairless wonder. After using a spray toilet at home for over a year now, I am at a loss to understand how other "people of hair," cope with just toilet paper. The spray toilet comes under the general purview of the Toilet God. I believe that the slow adoption of the spray toilet worldwide means that it is our duty to ritually promote the Toilet God to a higher rank in the Daoist Pantheon in recognition of the higher level of technology involved and to speed the spread of this wonderful devise.