Becoming a Taijiquan Transformer

Transformer!Here is the last installment of the interview I did with George Xu where he talks about the meaning of the Taijiquan Classics, being quiet and in action, being a big meatball in the sky, and how to become a Transformer!

Just for fun I'm posting this write-up I did for a one day class I'm going to teach to a private group at the end of the month. It's fun:
Taijiquan (also written T’ai Chi Ch’uan or just "Taichi") is one of many traditional Chinese long-life practices which explore the human relationship to nature. When taijiquan is performed daily in conjunction with a healthy diet, times of rest, and regular sleep, it becomes a stable platform for embracing simplicity in the midst of the exciting chaos of modern life.

Taijiquan is a martial art that uses our natural softness and weakness to develop flexibility and integrate the power of the whole body so that everything moves as one. The movements of taijiquan simulate a journey back to the womb, to a state of primordial animation, where we explore the very roots of aggression and how it arises in the body. Traditional Chinese cosmology posits that because all things are mutually self-re-creating, the most potent position to be in is one of interconnected non-action. This potent non-aggressive position is called wuwei

Please join Scott P. Phillips as he leads some fun simple exercises designed to improve circulation, unravel tension and leave us feeling self-possessed.