Ergonomic Crime

Not long ago I read somewhere that Martial Artists are left handed way out of proportion to their presence in the general society. At the time my morning class was 70% lefties.

Is this because us lefties have some advantage in fighting? Or do we just have more inner torment because deep down, we know we don't belong? In Italian left hand is "mano sinistra", the sinister hand.

When children in American schools are at their fastest rate of growth they are forced to sit in chairs that are harmful to their alighnment. The problem is doubled for lefties with long legs. Not that I everCriminal Chairs accepted my victim hood; I refused to sit in these types of chairs in high school. If the classroom had them I brought along a foam backpackers mat and sat on it against the wall in the back of class.

The claim that sitting in one of these uncomfortable chairs staring at the back of someone else's head is actually good for learning and taking notes is worse than negligence. It is an ergonomic crime.