Plucked Up!

mothercat-300x193Just a quick thought for the day, something I've been thinking about.  This idea is still a little raw but it might help people explore something in their practice so I'm throwing it out there.  I wrote about the notion of being plucked up like a cat in this post on Yang Disease a few year back.  It occurs to me now that the area where a mother cat plucks up her kittens, sometimes referred to as the scruff of the neck in English, and the anvil in Chinese, is like a reset button for all the fascia in the body.

The fascia is a very strong and very thin form of contractile tissue that hovers in between our skin and our muscles.  It's like a big stretch bag that surrounds everything with a mind of it's own that is free from the skin and can activate all the muscles.  At least it seems that way.  If it is crumpled or folded or twisted or bunched up its function in organizing whole body movement may be impaired.  Our body is of course mostly fluids.  By picking up this "heavy bag of fluids" by it's handles (ie.  the scruff of the neck) we give the fascia a chance to sort itself out.  This picture of a kitten in it's mother's mouth has a lot to teach us.