New Home?

Lately I've been looking at studio space to rent or buy so that I can teach children's classes in the afternoon and adult classes in the evening.  The dream is to make my business better.  I'd like to have more opportunities for my students.  I'd also like to have a place I can call my own and do what I want with it.  I'm drawn to the idea that building or making a home is a basic human appetite that if left unfulfilled starts to creep up inside us like a giant wolf.

For years now, I've been getting cards and letters from students.  Thousands of thanks.  Most of the time students in the schools where I teach are telling me they want more lessons.  Schools budget a certain amount of money for classes and when it runs out that's it until the next year.  It isn't the way I want it to work but it has worked so far.

Here is one letter from a stack of about 60 I got the other day:
Dear Master Scott,

Thank you for taking the time to teach us kung fu.  I had fun with you.  The exercises were painful.  Thank you.--Sebastian

Obviously this 4th grader has been studying irony.  Here is another one.  This one is a card with a collage of a wolf, some trees and some bushes:
Master Scott,

In the trees, wolves lurk, glaring at their juicy lunch, and then they attack.  So be careful!  And your slim body will move as fast as lightening.  Thanks for sharing that power with my class.  I practice every night.  It is a lot of fun.--Alyssa

This next one has a cute cat drawing, lots of color and flip up tabs, with pictures and messages.  Here is one of the messages:
Thanks, Master Scott!  Before we started Kung Fu, I thought Kung Fu was some lame marshall arts for losers.  Kung Fu is really fun.  I wish you could stay.  Thanks times 1,000,000.--Jenny

And here are a few choice quotes from others:
...We will miss you a lot.  Now that you taught me Kung Fu I can flip my Dad.  Thanks again...

...I had a very good time going to your kung fu class.  You taught me how to break a wrist and a bunch of fingers.  You were the best teacher ever...

...My favorite part was when you brought the sword.  It was cool when you did the "5 Tiger Sword."  I though you were going to slice my head off.  Thank you for being so committed and devoted...

Kung Fu Rocks!!!

So if you live around San Francisco and you want to help me look for a dojo I'm looking for at least 1600 square feet with high ceilings.  At the moment there are spaces renting at $1 a foot.  A mixed commercial/dwelling arrangement in the 2500-3500 square foot range would be great too, so would a neighboorhood on the West side of town with parking.  An existing space that is willing to rent out two or three evenings a week and three to five afternoons a week could work too.